Monday, January 28, 2013

Hogsett Still THE Key Player in 2015 Race for Mayor

U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett
U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett keeps doing his job as the United States' lawyer in the Southern District of Indiana.  That means that he will have nothing to say for now about a possible run for Mayor of Indianapolis until he's no longer U.S. Attorney as he cannot politic.

Regardless of what Brian Mahern or any other Democrat wants to do for that matter, Joe Hogsett is still the biggest fish in the Mayoral Marathon in 2015.  Why?  Simple.  He has the highest profile.

Hogsett is a very familiar name.  As a young man, he served as Indiana Secretary of State, and he has served three governors and in a variety of different posts and manners inside and outside of party politics since then.  He has put his name on the ballot a couple of times for the good of the party in tough races, but the last couple of years have been his crowning achievement.  Hogsett has been working to clean up Indiana and, working with local authorities, his record has been quite good.  For the last two years, Hogsett has been in the news and active as a crimefighter.  He's been putting bad guys and the occasional good guy that did a bad thing away.

Politically, as I said last time I wrote about Hogsett and the 2015 Mayoral Marathon, his political rolodex contains pages that most local candidates won't ever have (see Bill Clinton, Evan Bayh, etc.).  I believe Hogsett would clear the Democratic field for Mayor this time around.  He might even send Mayor Ballard off to retirement.  That would be the Republican Party's best chance against Hogsett, but would Ballard want to have to run a third hard campaign when third terms have been cursed unless your name is Hudnut?

It's a big mystery for now.  Hogsett can say nothing.  I'm sure at some point we'll find out his plans.  As U.S. Attorney, he serves at the pleasure of the President.  As long as President Obama will have him, the U.S. Attorney job is a great one to have.  He's going to have to want to be Mayor of Indianapolis to quit it.  Maybe that will be his motivation not to run in 2015.

Will he run or won't he run?  Democrats want to know, but Greg Ballard and Brian Mahern REALLY want to know.


Anonymous said...

Jon, with all due respect.. have you have been having out with Bill Levin?

Hogsett wants to be a US senator,Mayor is well beneath him.IM really not sure why you tout him so much =when we have much better candidates right here in our city that are actual Democrats...

Anonymous said...

I hope Hogsett runs. The Dem bench is flawed and weak.