Thursday, January 10, 2013

HJR-6 Dying on Vine; Don't Pop Cork Yet

As the days pass, it appears that House Joint Resolution 6 which would ban pretty much all forms of state-recognized relationships other than male-female marriage by Constitutional Amendment appears to be headed towards the scrap heap in a stunning turn of events. That doesn’t mean it’s time for a parade down Meridian Street just yet.

An end to the fight to write discrimination into the Indiana Constitution would be spectacular, but it hasn’t happened yet. Even if it does happen, same sex couples are still prohibited from joining in marriage by Indiana Code. Federal law also prevents it even though the current administration is not so keen on enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act.

That’s why it’s important to watch what happens at the Supreme Court level. There are cases the Court is currently considering that could determine what happens in not only states that have passed referenda on the subject but states like Indiana that have outlawed same sex marriage by statute.

The Indy Star reported that a recent poll showed Hoosiers were evenly split on the issue of marriage with 45 percent favoring same sex marriage and 45 percent opposing it. That is a big step forward for this state. Who knows if that ground swell of support that seems to be building on what used to be a controversial issue will someday cause the end to and the repeal of these laws if the Supreme Court doesn’t get to it first.

It’s time. Pretty cool to be around to watch our society change for the better.

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