Monday, January 14, 2013

Here's to Mike Pence

How I would enter the inauguration.
The balls are all done, and the parties have happened.  It's time for Mike Pence to become Governor Mike Pence, and he'll do that today at about 11:00 a.m.

It might not surprise you to know that I did not vote for the Governor, but I always wish him well.  I hope that over the next four years that I will be able to credit the Governor when he deserves it, but I will be ready to hold him accountable when necessary as well.

I think Pence is a genuinely good person with a good head on his shoulders.  People will find out quickly, however, he's not Mitch Daniels.  Love Daniels or hate Daniels, he did change this state.  Some of it, like his BMV reforms were excellent.  Others...well, not so much.  The point is that Governor Pence finds himself with a state that's supposedly in pretty good shape fiscally, but I don't think we know that for sure or not.

Governor Pence deserves a loyal but vocal opposition.  I will respect him because he is the Governor of my state, and that has always meant something to my family.  It doesn't matter if it's Oliver P. Morton, Frank O'Bannon, Robert Orr or Evan Bayh.

From the bottom of my heart, Governor Pence, I hope you are successful as governor of Indiana.  Every Hoosier, regardless of political party or constituency group should hope.

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