Monday, January 7, 2013

General Assembly Session Starts Today

Indiana Statehouse
As the Indiana General Assembly convenes for its 2013 long session today, there are signs that things, at least in the Indiana House, aren't necessarily as bad as some Democrats may think.

I have talked to a few Democratic legislators that tell me the Republican majority may actually be willing to reach across the aisle more than some may have thought.  The Dems tell me that Republicans have sent signals that some of the extremism that many feared might happen with a far right majority may not get out of the Indiana House.

I'm told that the surge in public opinion towards supporting same-sex marriage may ultimately doom the issue here in Indiana.  The Dems tell me that many Republicans in the House are concerned that the resolution passed in 2011 goes way too far and that it's likely seeing a lot of its support drying up.  A big push by same-sex marriage advocates and concerned families that are in things like domestic partnerships would probably push this issue over the top.

I would expect partisan fights over the budget and education, but we shall see.  I also have less confidence in the Indiana Senate.  The amount of crazy on the right side of the aisle in the Senate is immense.  We already have seen Senator Dennis Kruse file a bill that would allow public schools to require the saying of the Lord's Prayer daily.  That's probably going nowhere, but it signals the "see if it sticks" mentality of many in the Senate.

One thing is always for sure in the Indiana General Assembly: expect the unexpected.  With a long session, it's going to be a long haul for those interested in Indiana government.

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