Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Council Conduct Disappoints

Beurt SerVaas Public Assembly Room
I watched the City-County Council meeting last night, and I want to say that, on principle, I disagree with the tax increases that were passed on sports tickets and rental cars.  That was what I planned to blog about, but I have something else on my mind today.

I was appalled by the way the Council reacted to each other at times last night with some Councillors using points of order to try to stop other Councillors from speaking on proposals and some Councillors being flat out disrespectful to President Maggie Lewis when she tried to restore order.

I don't think you do anyone any favors when we talk over each other and try to shout each other down.  I believe that some Councillors need to realize that even when we disagree with what someone says that they have a right to say it.  If President Lewis has the authority to give someone the floor, then that should be respected.  A few Democrats seemed to forget that last night, and I find that unfortunate.

The Council is not a perfect place, and people get snarky both ways.  I realize that.  Councillor Benjamin Hunter sent out a tweet targeting Brian Mahern last night that I retweeted because I found it kind of funny.  

Now, some people might have considered that disrespectful I suppose.  I thought it was just simply what a mayoral candidate does.  They kiss babies and shake hands.  It also started a discussion on Twitter about whether or not it was ok for Councillors to tweet during meetings.  However you feel about Hunter's tweet, I don't think it's the same thing as essentially trying to shut down another Councillor who has something to say and something they wish to defend.

All in all, President Lewis kept order and was able to eventually allow all views to be heard.  For that, she deserves a medal.  

The whole meeting just left a bad taste in my mouth.  Sorry to any of my friends that may disagree with me.

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