Thursday, January 17, 2013

Almost All of Indiana's Congressional Republicans Oppose Sandy Relief Bill

Six of Indiana's seven Republican Congresspersons voted against a $50.7 billion bi-partisan Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill that finally passed out of the U.S. House on Tuesday Evening.  

The bill passed 241-180 and FINALLY came to reality close to 90 days after the storm barreled on to shore destroying hundreds of miles of coastline property and disrupting thousands of lives.

Todd Rokita, Marlin Stutzman, Jackie Walorski, Susan Brooks, Larry Bucshon, and Luke Messer all voted  to oppose the final measure.  Todd Young was one of the few brave Republicans to stand up and vote to provide the help needed to get the affected region back on its feet again.

Rokita gave some malarkey answer about feeling compassion for the victims of Hurricane Sandy but he didn't feel it was right to increase the debt for the children of the future blah blah blah blah.  Rokita uses official Congressional funds to advertise his town hall events on WIBC and in other venues.

Congressmen Andre Carson and Pete Visclosky, Indiana's Democrats in the House, joined Young in voting for the bill.

Why was this the bill to try to fight this spending thing on?  Pretty sad and pretty embarrassing for Hoosiers.  Let's hope that national disasters stay out of our state because we likely aren't getting any help from the East Coast. 

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RhondaLeeBaby69 said...

It is sad that some Republicans vote so that they can later tout their record as showing their dedication to "conservative principles". Thank you very much, Mr. Norquist.