Monday, January 14, 2013

Abdul Teases Cheat Sheet with Carson Mayor Rumor

Congressman Andre Carson
The self-proclaimed political "arms dealer" in town is apparently going to include a piece about Congressman Andre Carson possibly running for Mayor in his next "cheat sheet" from,

I have to tell you that the thought of Mayor Andre Carson makes people like me excited, and it makes the far right wing nervous, but it really shouldn't.  Congressman Carson has built a strong record in Congress of working hard for the 7th District and its families.

Because I have kicked around the notion in my brain before, it really didn't surprise me to see Abdul speculating on it, and I don't know exactly what the cheat sheet will say.  I would say this.  Congressman Andre Carson has been elected four times by wide margins to lead Indiana's 7th District in Congress.  In order to reach his first election, he had to fight off a field of great Democrats at the caucus and primary levels.  That doesn't even count that March Special Election fight with Jon Elrod which is still Carson's closest victory yet.  Carson proved strong in Presidential years of 2008 and 2012.  He bucked the anti-incumbent trend in 2010 each time exceeding his own seeming baseline of votes.

For these reasons, I think Congressman Carson will likely stay in Congress and let someone else run for Mayor of Indianapolis.  He is, however, a very powerful force in local politics.  If he wants to run for Mayor, he can do it, and I think he can win.  I just honestly think he will stay right where he is for now.

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guy77money said...

He's staying put! All the Democrats have to do is find a competent candidate for mayor and they will control the council and the mayors office. Of course this candidate needs to buck the downtown establishment to win, not an easy prospect for a Democrat. I would like to see Mayhern or better yet Zach Adamson but I don't see Indy going for a gay mayor. Like it really matters.