Thursday, December 6, 2012

Teachers, Get Ready to Defend Yourselves??

Let the crazy begin!

The Indianapolis Star reports that in the upcoming General Assembly session, Sen. Dennis Kruse, a Republican from Auburn, plans to introduce a bill for passage that would require teachers to provide evidence if their instruction is challenged by students. Kruse calls it a “truth in education” measure.

This is another way that creationists are trying to sneak creationism, for which there is no scientific proof, into the curriculum. Evolution, for which there is tons of proof, could be challenged by a student and, under the measure, a teacher would be required to defend his or her teachings.

Thankfully, the Star reports that the House Education Chair, Rep. Bob Behning of Indianapolis, is unlikely to give the bill a hearing if it passes the Senate calling it “overbroad” and saying it puts an undue burden on teachers and schools.

This is the kind of craziness we can expect from the GOP so enjoy!

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varangianguard said...

I'm sure State Senator Kruse ill be there willing to provide proof of his own theory, eh?