Friday, December 7, 2012

Messer Makes Right Move For Him, Family

The Messer Family
Photo from Messer's Campaign Facebook
Luke Messer has announced that he’s moving his family to Washington, D.C.

The Congressman-Elect in Indiana’s 6th District is following the example of Mike Pence before him and is planning to move his wife and small children to a new home in Virginia while maintaining a residence in Indiana, according to WISH-TV’s Jim Shella, who reported this a few days ago.

I have to say that I have no problem with Messer’s decision with one caveat. If he maintains a vibrant presence here in Indiana and actually maintains a home in his district that he uses when he’s in the district, then he could live on the darkside of the Moon, and I wouldn’t care.

It’s clear Messer is making this decision for the right reasons. With three young children who need their father, it’s pretty cut and dry to me. He’s doing what he feels is best.

Other Congressmen have come to different decisions. Congressman André Carson continues to live in the district with his family. There was a big deal about Congressman Todd Rokita living in his office in Washington. That's fine for them.  With this sort of thing, there’s no right or wrong answer. 

Politically, the fact that Messer is “shining a light” on what could potentially become a problem for him politically means that he wants to get out in front of the residency issues that dogged Richard Lugar, Mike Pence, and David McIntosh in the 2012 Election Cycle.

To me, this was well-handled by a smart politician and probably a very good dad.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

The Pence residency "issue" was a joke. The problem is when you don't have a legitimate home back in Indiana that you can at least claim you intend to come back to permanently and that you stay at when in Indiana. . Pence did that. Lugar used a house he sold decades earlier and stayed in hotel room. McIntosh's residence was a friend's home and no place he ever lived and probably would ever live. I don't think anyone faults a newly-elected Congressman with small kids, taking his family to D.C.