Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lewis, Mahern Hold High-Dollar Fundraisers

City-County Council
Maggie Lewis
City-County Council President Maggie Lewis is in a safe district on the City-County Council, so why is she holding a top-dollar fundraiser hosted by many current Democratic movers and shakers?

Well, if you believe Abdul-Hakim Shabazz over on Indy Politics, she may run for Mayor in 2015.

On Monday, Lewis was the beneficiary of a fundraiser hosted by the following big current and former hitters in Marion County and Indiana politics: Former Mayor Bart Peterson, State Senator Greg Taylor, Dave Corbitt, Carl Drummer, Adairius Gardner, Lacy Johnson, Melina Kennedy, Dave Lewis, Frank Short, and Joe Smith.  Top level contribution was $1,000.

I haven't talked to President Lewis about the possibility, but there's no reason to believe that she couldn't run and win.  At this point, it's just rumor and innuendo, but it definitely makes sense for Lewis to run.  She is well-loved, smart, politically savvy, sharp-as-a-tack, and has an impressive resume.  I have always been impressed with her.

City-County Council
Vice President
Brian Mahern
Other Democrats often mentioned as rumored Mayoral candidates include Vop Osili, John Layton, Joe Hogsett, and Brian Mahern.  Quite a deep bench there for the Democrats.

Mahern has a big fundraiser of his own coming up on Thursday at his dad's house, hosted by Auditor Billie Breaux, Assessor Joe O'Connor, Surveyor Debbie Jenkins, Sheriff John Layton, Treasurer Claudia Fuentes, Recorder Julie Voorhies, Chairman Ed Treacy, Former Rep. Bill Crawford, Constable Tony Duncan, Councillor Vernon Brown, Councillor Pam Hickman, Chip Garver, Chris Gibson, Greg Hahn, Lacy Johnson, Ed Mahern, Amy and Les Miller, Andy Miller, Joel Miller, Kevin Murray, Frank Short, Becky Smith, David Suess, Kip Tew, Heather Willey, and Unite! Here.  Top level for this one is $500.

2015's election cycle will definitely be one to watch even now.


Paul K. Ogden said...

It's not unusual for the leader of the party on the council to help fundraise for the entire group. As far as Maggie Lewis running for Mayor, she's signing her death warrant by backing millions more for the Pacers and supporting tax increases for the CIB.

Anonymous said...

Maggie Lewis will never be mayor after her CIB vote for a $10 million gift to the Pacers while the CIB and city/county budget are both a complete mess.

No doubt Simon will throw a couple dollars her way to say thanks.

I say, thanks for nothing!