Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Hodge Podge: Mahern Stepping Away; Next Up for Beth; Holiday Posting Schedule

Mahern Steps Away
Brian Mahern
Brian Mahern has announced that he would not seek a leadership position on the City-County Council or in the Democratic caucus in the upcoming Council term.  He will, however, stay on the Council. 

Citing differences with the agenda of Council President Maggie Lewis, the current Council Vice President told the Indianapolis Star's Jon Murray he still supports Lewis but wants to give the Council a chance to elect a VEEP that shares Lewis' agenda.  Lewis was effusive in praise of Mahern telling Murray that Mahern is "smart and articulate."

Murray's article seems to signal that some Council Democrats may not have supported a second term as Vice President for Mahern, anyway.  Murray writes:

Among the Democrats, who retook majority control of the council Jan. 1, Mahern, 44, has been a vocal and repeated critic of many of Republican Mayor Greg Ballard’s initiatives.

He’s also tangled with members of his own caucus, both behind closed doors and publicly. Some have grumbled privately about his penchant for calling press conferences and his perceived political ambitions, raising the prospect that some Democrats may have considered opposing a bid for a second year as vice president had he decided to seek one. 
The vice president sits next to the president at the front of the chamber during meetings but has little responsibility other than filling in when the president is absent from meetings. Mahern, however, has harnessed the position to speak out against spending by the Capital Improvement Board, the agency that runs the city’s sports venues and convention center, and to voice disagreement with the administration’s economic development strategies.

Who will replace Mahern? There are a lot of excellent candidates.  This move releases Mahern to blaze his own trail on the Council, and he told Murray he will continue working on issues for which he is passionate.  Mahern is rumored to be one of the many Democrats that are considering a run for Mayor in 2015. 

Next Up for White?
Marion County Clerk Beth White cannot run again for her current job, so it is rumored that she may be considering a run for a higher-level state office: potentially Secretary of State in 2014.  No announcement has been made, and one won't come for a long while if she decides to run.  

After a rocky beginning with the first primary election, White has done a tremendous job.  The Marion County Clerk's responsibilities are mind boggling.  Collecting child support, issuing marriage licenses, and taking care of all the court filings are just a few things the Clerk must manage.  It's a big job.

Blog Posting Schedule:
As is tradition here, I will be going off my normal daily posting schedule beginning Monday, December 17.  My day job typically gets very busy at this time followed immediately by the upcoming holidays.  I will return to daily posting on January 7, 2013.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't continue to check in.  I'll still be updating the blog, but I won't be doing it every day at midnight.  If the past is any guide, I'll have trouble staying away for too many days.

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