Friday, November 2, 2012

One Weekend to Go!

It's hard to believe, but, when we convene back here on the blog on Monday it will be just one day until the 2012 General Election.

As we enter the final weekend, it's a good time to clean up some races we haven't talked too much about.  There's a lot going on, after all.

A couple of "under the radar" races that I'll be watching on Tuesday night as election returns come in include the race for the Indiana House in District 92 and the Indiana Senate race in District 35.

In Indiana House 92, things have gotten nasty between Democrat Karlee Macer and Republican Tim Motsinger.  Motsinger's camp is sending out mailers tying Macer to Pat Bauer and calling the newcomer "politics as usual".  Macer's campaign has some ads up on television calling Motsinger's character into question given his past dealings with Tim Durham.

Thing is, I know both Karlee Macer and Tim Motsinger.  They are good people, and I hope that people will look through the negativity and see that.  Karlee is an involved parent and community member in Wayne Township.  Motsinger, of course, is a police officer and past candidate for public office.  I'm pulling for Macer to pull this one out, and I think it's going to come down to probably a few percentage points.  This is Phil Hinkle's former seat.

In Senate District 35, longtime legislator Mike Young didn't get the Indianapolis Star's endorsement.  Instead, it was Democrat Mark Waterfill that won the Star's recommendation.  When you see the candidates side-by-side, you know why.

I had the chance to attend a forum this past Monday featuring both candidates.  Waterfill was extremely aggressive attacking Young over sweetheart deals and contracts he voted for as well as his ridiculously large pension.  Waterfill highlighed Young's weird votes for otherwise popular legislation.  Waterfill's website details these votes.

Most striking to me was the blase way that Young pushed aside the half billion dollars Indiana "lost" over the past few years.  Young's attitude was that it's not a big deal that nearly $500,000,000 was put into a wrong account.  Forget that money was supposed to have gone somewhere else.  Now, it's part of our "surplus" that's coming back to us.  How convenient, right?  Waterfill has a much more taxpayer-friendly approach.  He says he would push for an outside audit to make sure that the money gets to the right places and is spent appropriately.

Waterfill is a popular Democrat in Hendricks County.  He likely will win the Marion County portion of this district, and it no longer includes Morgan County or Johnson County.  Instead, it goes right into Waterfill's home turf.  It wouldn't surprise me to find this race close.

It's so hard to believe that we are this close to Election Day!  Oh, the smell of yard signs in the morning!!

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