Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lame Duck Gov. Stuffing Boards, Commissions

Governor Mitch Daniels
Is Mitch Daniels concerned about what Mike Pence might do as Governor, or does he want to just leave a lasting stamp on state government?  One must wonder when you read this November 20 entry on the Deep Fried Politics Blog on the Indy Star's website.

The Star's Mary Beth Schneider reported that the outgoing Governor made 21 appointments to boards and commissions and reappointed 39 other people.  Schneider points out that Daniels essentially tried to fire all previous appointees of Governor Joe Kernan in 2005 so he could shape the boards in his image.  Many refused to do so at that time.

Perhaps Mike Pence will do the same thing when he becomes Governor.  Likely not.  A spokeswoman for Pence told Schneider that they had confidence in the appointments and reappointments made by Daniels.  Still, it's a rather political move for a non-political guy like Daniels is supposed to be now, right?  It makes one wonder what his motives might have been, though.

At minimum, it's a pretty hypocritical move for a lame duck Governor.  Mitch Daniels of 2005 wouldn't approve.

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