Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gubernatorial Race Tightening?

John Gregg's campaign reports that Clarity Campaigns has released a poll showing that the race between Mike Pence, John Gregg, and Rupert Boneham is within three points and within the margin of error.

Another poll released by the campaign showed Pence up six and a Pence internal poll has his lead at nine.  One way or another, this race has tightened over the last month as people really have started to pay attention to the Gubernatorial race.  It also was about the same time Gregg changed tactics.

Early in the campaign, Gregg had the folksy ads talking about the guy with two first names running for Governor.  In the last month, Gregg has been much more aggressive in highlighting Pence's extreme views, and it's gotten under Pence's skin at times.  In the third debate, a clearly frustrated Pence tried to go on the attack and failed miserably as Gregg was able to simply and deftly turn every attack back at the launcher.

We are this close to having Indiana become a laboratory for a kind of extreme government we have never seen.  Any thought of bipartisan leadership will be out the window as Mitch Daniels becomes a memory and is replaced by a Tea Party mentality.  A Richard Mourdock-like government will be the norm as the GOP tries to inflict its opinion on all of us.  The only chance to put a fly in this ointment is to elect John Gregg.  He will be a moderate and a centrist, but he will at least serve as a voice of reason.

That's just my opinion, but the fact is that this race is tightening up.  We'll see what the Howey/Battleground poll says tomorrow.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

The Clarity Campaigns "poll" forgot to give a percent to Libertarian Rupert. It's not to be taken seriously.