Saturday, November 17, 2012

Looking At Marion County's Unofficial Election Results...

Analyzing election results sometimes can tell an observer of politics quite a bit, and a quick look at the big races in Marion County shows a number of things.

One thing was extremely apparent: Richard Mourdock was keenly unpopular. Mourdock was the worst-performing Republican in all the statewide races in Marion County voting. Mourdock lost Marion County by an unofficial total of 120,867 votes. He was 22,578 votes behind Mike Pence's total. He was 29,584 votes behind Mitt Romney. He was a whopping 49,105 votes behind the best-performing Republican, Attorney General Greg Zoeller. Mourdock was so unpopular that Democrat Joe Donnelly, his opponent in this election, got 11,524 MORE votes than Barack Obama.

While Donnelly’s 227,750 votes set the standards in Marion County for all candidates, it was NOT Barack Obama that came in second. It was actually Glenda Ritz. The Superintendent of Public Instruction-elect unofficially received 216,266 votes in Marion County. President Obama received 216,226 votes in the unofficial tally. I guess a lot of people used some, in Mitch Daniels words, “subterranean” tactics to get 82,083 votes more than Dr. Tony Bennett. Bennett’s 134,183 unofficial vote tally still was 27,300 votes more than Mourdock’s paltry 106,883 votes.

Mike Pence finished behind Bennett as well with unofficially 129,461 votes. He was 80,555 votes behind John Gregg’s unofficial vote tally of 210,016. Gregg was 17,734 votes behind Obama in the Marion County totals.

Obama’s win in Marion County was the third-straight for the Democrats. John Kerry did it in 2004, and Obama followed it up in 2008 with a dominating performance. His 216,226 unofficial votes ticked in at just over 60 percent. Mitt Romney’s 136,467 unofficial vote tally was some 79,759 votes behind the President in the state’s most populous county.

Marion County is a blue oasis in a desert of red.  The doughnut counties surrounding the state's largest population center are where good campaigns go to die.  That's evident in the Scott Schneider vs. Tim Delaney race.  Delaney handily beat Schneider in Marion County, but lost when the votes were tallied in Hamilton County.  Same thing for Michael Adkins in his race against Michael Crider when his race extended outside the eastern boundary of the County.  

Big or small, the Marion County election results had something for politicos to look at and analyze for months to come, and we will!

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Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the official results are delayed. Some precincts got deliveries of absentee ballots after the polls closed and the machines were shut down. I hope they get it worked out.