Thursday, November 8, 2012

Carson Comfortably Returns to Congress in Indiana's 7th

Congressman Carson
I admit. I was concerned.

Turns out, I didn’t need to be. Congressman André Carson got in the jet stream and blew away his worthy opponent, Carlos May, in Indiana’s 7th District Congressional battle.

Carson garnered an unofficial count of 161,422 votes to defeat May by 66,901 votes. May had 95,521 votes. The 62.3 percent Carson received was the second-highest vote percentage he’s ever had. In 2008, he got 65 percent of the vote in defeating Gabrielle Campo. That, however, was the old 7th District.

This version of the 7th took out much of the far Northern part of the old district and added the Southern tier of Decatur, Perry, and Franklin Townships. Some of my friends on the right had the district somewhere in the neighborhood of 54-55 percent Democratic. Other more recent polling cited by May’s supporters had the political makeup of the district somewhere in that neighborhood as well. Turns out, Carson not only outperformed that perceived baseline, but he’s created his own coalition, likely of moderates, that support his efforts in Congress. 
Carlos May
For once and for all, we can put that "Carson is a do-nothing Congressman" idea to rest.  You don't build a coalition and exceed baselines by doing nothing.  Congressman Carson is doing a great job in Congress, and the results are carrying him forth. His win over May only underlines this more.

May was Carson’s best, most formidable opponent since his first race for the seat in the Special Election of 2008 when he faced Jon Elrod. May and Elrod are similar in that they are serious candidates with good, strong resumes. May, however, was unable to garner any real media support and ran a spaghetti campaign (picked that one up last night) throwing things up on the wall and trying to see what would stick against the Congressman. Of course, it didn’t work, and it was widely repudiated by the voting population.

So, now we go off to 2014. It’s an “off year” election, but Carson has proven time and time again, just like his grandmother before him, that you can never underestimate his popularity and electability amongst his constituents. Like Julia Carson before, the 7th District loves André.


Anonymous said...

llyilio 11So Jon, who will the Republicans put up against Carson in the next cycle..?

The 2014 cycle started today

Anonymous said...

The Repubs still don't get that Andre Carson is for real. They prefer to wallow in lies, myths and stereotypes about him. They will continue to run second or third tier candidates against him and lose.