Sunday, October 14, 2012

WIBC Apologizes for "Inappropriate" Tweet

Daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner took a big leap from 23 miles above Earth earlier today.  He landed safely, and the folks that were watching went back to their Sunday after holding their collective breath for a few minutes.

Someone over at 93.1 WIBC thought it would be funny to use the moment to take a shot at President Barack Obama.  Screen grab courtesy of Joe Shoemaker.

I can just imagine the legendary voices of Indiana like Fred Heckman and Joe Pickett shaking their heads from news reporter heaven.  Apparently, someone agreed with me.  Later in the afternoon, WIBC posted this update.

I couldn't quite understand the context of the original Tweet, either.  If you watched the coverage, it was clear the Baumgartner didn't do that alone.  He did have help of a mission-control like ground crew.  That was, in context, the original intention of Obama's oft-misinterpreted "You didn't build that" quote.  Then again, I never try to reason with the folks that distort the President's comments for political gain.

I received a Tweet from WIBC's Larry Downes.  Here it is.

WIBC and Downes should be commended for how they handled this situation.  I always appreciate stand up people and organizations.


Josh Featherstone said...

Seems a very reasonable excuse. I constantly forget I'm logged into a secondary Twitter account and tweet something in what can sometimes, depending on the message, be an inappropriate place. I find the ease of doing so to be a flaw in the Twitter's not immediately recognizable which account you are logged in under.

Paul K. Ogden said...

It's great when we can have a simple apology for a screwup without people demanding someone be fired.