Thursday, October 11, 2012

VEEP Debate Tonight

Representative Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden will meet in the first and only Vice Presidential debate in Kentucky tonight at 9:00 p.m.
What will you be looking for?  Well, if I knew that, then I wouldn't ask, but I can tell you what I'll be looking for.

I'll be trying to see which candidate is more aggressive.  I'll be trying to see what adjustments the Obama/Biden campaign has made.  I will be trying to see if Paul Ryan looks Presidential at all, after all, if Romney wins this thing, he will be the Vice President of the United States.  

I'll also be looking for the little things.  The little details that sometimes creep up in these kinds of events.  The types of things that resonated in the first debate.  The weird look perpetually on Romney's face.  The way Obama never really looked at his opponent.  

I am looking forward to this debate because this debate may not win the election for someone, but it certainly might lose it.  VEEP debates of the past have given us some of the most memorable political campaign memories.  There was Lloyd Bentsen's zinger on Dan Quayle, and Admiral James Stockdale's famous, "Who am I?" moment.

All I know is that I plan to be on my couch tonight, and I'll be live Tweeting as this thing goes along.  Follow me @johnnystir.

Here's a look back at VEEP debates past:

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