Monday, October 15, 2012

U.S. Senate Debate Tonight

Democrat Joe Donnelly
Tonight, the candidates for U.S. Senate will gather in downtown Indianapolis for the first debate of the general election season between the candidates.  I am expecting one candidate to shine.

That candidate is the most experience debater, Andrew Horning.  The Libertarian candidate has been in a number of tangles before for various offices including Congress, Mayor of Indianapolis, and Governor.  Four years ago, while he was running for Governor, Andy stole the show a few times over Mitch Daniels and Jill Long Thompson.  I would expect him to be his normal solid Libertarian self.

Libertarian Andy Horning
I'll be looking for the candidate that connects the best with the audience.  I think that will be Joe Donnelly.  Mourdock talks and acts like a geologist who has been locked away in the Indiana Treasurer's Office these past few years.  He's as dry as unbuttered toast.

Donnelly needs to connect with the Lugar Republicans out there that are still on the fence or undecided about voting for him.  His ally might be the guy I mentioned earlier.

Republican Richard Mourdock
While a third-party candidate like Rupert Boneham might pull votes from either side, I think Andy Horning will definitely pull more votes from Mourdock especially if people listen to him long enough.  Horning is much more of a typical Libertarian who wants small and unobtrusive government that adheres to the Constitution.  Horning, unlike Mourdock, hasn't been a guy that's really wanted to change the Constitution so much, but a candidate that wants to see it followed.

If Horning pulls the seven percent he's polling at right now, that's significant.  He's also right when he says not to blame him if Mourdock loses.  Mourdock has had all help and money to make his case.  Those are things that Horning isn't afforded.

I think you'll see a great debate tonight.  I'm looking forward to the fireworks at 7:00 p.m.  I'll be live Tweeting about it at @johnnystir on Twitter.

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