Thursday, October 18, 2012

Second Gubernatorial Debate Thoughts: Gregg WINS!

Gregg Dominates Second Debate
From the campus of Notre Dame University, the second of three gubernatorial debates took place last night. It was essentially a replay of the first one.  John Ketzenberger, the President of the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute, served as the moderator of the debate.

Here are my thoughts, in no particular order.
  • John Gregg continued to hit hard at Rep. Mike Pence in a manner we had not seen prior to the first debate.  Gregg tried to hang the stench of the gridlock in "Warshington" on Pence by repeatedly reminding people of Pence's underwhelming record as a member of Congress.  Gregg got in many shots at Pence, but the Congressman didn't really do a strong job of responding to them.  The former Indiana House Speaker clearly tried to woo independents by praising Mitch Daniels, invoking Ronald Reagan, and mentioning Richard Lugar.  Gregg was again the clear debate winner on points and style.
  • Mike Pence spent much of the night acting a lot like George W. Bush.  From mannerisms to speaking cadence, Pence looked and sounded a lot like the former President.  Indiana Libertarian Party Executive Director Chris Spangle was the first to point it out.  Pence tried to be funny and bring in Notre Dame-specific jokes and things.  Most fell flat.  Pence also blatantly lied saying that he had in fact gotten legislation he authored enacted.  That's simply not true.
  • Rupert Boneham was much less nervous tonight, and he raised several of the same points he did the first night.  Rupert certainly comes across as a person with a genuine desire to do good things for people.  The only thing I hope is that after this campaign he's able to stay involved in some manner.
Just one more debate to go here in the gubernatorial race.  The final debate will be Thursday, October 25 at 7:00 p.m. in Fort Wayne.  From polling data, it doesn't appear this one is still leaning heavily in favor of Pence.  The Congressman isn't at 50 percent yet, but he leads Gregg 49 to 38 percent with 13 percent undecided in a recent YouGov poll.  It doesn't appear the poll took into account Rupert Boneham.  


Paul K. Ogden said...

I watched that first debate and took extensive notes and wrote about it. I don't see anyway Gregg won that debate. He was terrible...rambling, unfocused, etc. Example, at one point, Rupert raised the issue of corrections reform, Pence followed on the same topic and Gregg talked about energhy production.

I haven't watched the second debate yet. I had the time wrong.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you must be hanging out with Bill Levin again. Gregg walked away with that thing last night. It was obvious that Pence was taken out of his game last night. He looked stiffer than Ballard at fundraiser.