Saturday, October 27, 2012

Schneider's Misleading Ads=Dangerously Misleading

Senator Scott Schneider-R
Serial Misleader
One of the most hotly contested Indiana Senate races is taking place in Senate District 30 where incumbent Republican Scott Schneider is hanging on by a thread against strong challenger Tim Delaney.  Redistricting wasn't that kind to Schneider, and some have told me that this district is pretty much 50-50

Schneider was not elected by the voters, he was elected by a caucus of Republican insiders replacing Senator Teresa Lubbers.  Lubbers moved on to become the Indiana Commissioner of Higher Education.  In that caucus, Schneider took two ballots to knock off Ballard Administration Chief of Staff Ryan Vaughn and former State Rep. John Ruckelshaus.

When Schneider entered the Indiana Senate in July of 2009, the long session had ended.  His first action in the Senate was in January of 2010.  He cast a vote in favor of writing property tax caps into the Indiana Constitution.  As it was the second time through the Indiana General Assembly for the property tax caps (having passed the House and Senate in 2008), the property tax caps went to the November ballot for approval, and they were approved by Indiana voters.  Like it or not, it was Indiana's constitutional amendment process at work.  Two separately-elected General Assemblies must approve it followed by the voters.

Thus, I think it's fair to say that Scott Schneider's actual work as a State Senator would amount to me walking up the fairway onto the green and sinking a two foot putt for par for somebody else.  In short, it wasn't hard.  He's pumping up his own record.

Fast forward to 2012.  Mired in a tough fight against Delaney, Schneider is running ads saying that he worked with Governor Daniels to pass the caps.  You'd think he was leading the fight.  Further, he has some audio of Delaney saying that the Democrat would not have voted to support the property tax caps being written into the Constitution from a forum.  He's using that audio to claim the following:

  • That, if elected, Delaney will single-handedly rewrite Indiana's Constitution by removing the tax caps.
  • That, if elected, Delaney will cause people to lose their homes or not be able to buy a home.

Here's a spot.


First of all, WHEN Tim Delaney is elected, he will be one of 50 Senators in the Indiana Senate.  He will be a freshman member of the Senate and still likely in a minority situation.  How on Earth is he going to take a red pen to the Constitution in that fashion?  Besides, Delaney wouldn't do that.  The premise of the ad is completely false.  Delaney AGREES WITH the caps and would not remove them.

Tim Delaney
Tax Cap Supporter
Secondly, WHEN Tim Delaney is elected, Republicans likely will still be in control of both houses of the General Assembly.  That means that, in order for the Constitution to get amended, Tim Delaney would have to snap his fingers and get a belligerent, Tea Party dominated Republican Indiana House and Senate to vote against their own interests.  Did I mention, however, that Tim Delaney AGREES WITH THE CAPS and would not remove them.

Finally, even if Tim Delaney did all of those things, Indiana voters would still need to approve removing the property tax caps.  That's probably not going to happen.  Besides, Tim Delaney AGREES WITH THE CAPS AND WOULD NOT REMOVE THEM.

And, finally finally, TIM DELANEY IS RIGHT!  No one should have voted for the property tax caps being permanently put into the Constitution.  They don't belong there.  This is something that should simply require legislation and not something as permanent as putting it into the Indiana Constitution.  It's a very permanent situation to a problem that doesn't give you a lot of leeway.  Plus, Delaney AGREES WITH THE CAPS AND WOULD NOT REMOVE THEM.

Scott Schneider's charges just don't make any sense when you are an educated voter.  That said, how many voters in Senate District 30 know this?  That's why you need to spread the word to those people that Scott Schneider's ads are completely misleading and completely unrealistic not to mention flat out false.

As for me, I appreciate Mr. Delaney's ads a lot more.

You can always tell when an incumbent is concerned about his opponent.  He grasps for any straw possible and tries to use it as a weapon.  Be smarter than Scott Schneider and tell your friends that he's just being misleading about Tim Delaney and his record.


Paul K. Ogden said...


There is a provision in the Indiana constitution that says all property has to be taxed equally. The property tax cap, with the three different levels of taxation on property, had to be put into the constitution. A simple statute on the subject would have been unconstitutional.

As far as Schneider being elected by "insiders," Republican insiders in fact tried to rig the vacancy caucus to elect Ryan Vaughn. Fortunately there were enough legitimate and elected PCs in the district that didn't owe their positions to party bosses that he was able to overcome that.

The Schneiders, including Scott, have never been insider Republican types. They have supported candidates against the slate. Scott is not at all beholden to the Marion County GOP leadership, especially since that leadership tried to keep him from getting elected.

Anonymous said...

The consolation prize for Ryan Vaughn is that he now gets to be mayor and will finish Ballard's term and run for mayor in 2015.

Anonymous said...

I was at the forum where the video was taken. Were you? Delaney said he was against the property tax cap bill resolution and now that he is starting to get hammered on it he is (all of the sudden) for them. Quite a flip-flop if you ask me. This is an important issue in this district and he was taking heat for Delaney changed his position. The video speaks for itself.

There is nothing wrong with the video as it is a legitimate policy difference and one that greatly impacts citizens in SD 30, which I live in.

If he Delaney isn't going to stand up for taxpayers who is he going to stand up for? Oh yeah, overpaid union bosses who paid for his daddy's trip to Illinois. That's who.