Friday, October 12, 2012

Ryan, Biden Debate

In a well-moderated debate that let the candidates appropriately drive the topics but without getting out of control, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan met and had a discussion of the issues.

Biden took an aggressive line challenging both Ryan and moderator Martha Raddatz when he thought the Obama Administration was taking unfair attacks or criticism.  It was a far cry from the debate performance of Barack Obama last week against Mitt Romney.  Biden controlled the night and probably won on content.

That said, Ryan had his moments, too.  He was on the defensive quite often, but he also appeared Presidential.  That said, he also didn't provide many specifics several times eschewing the questions from Raddatz or skirting the outskirts in lieu of answering questions.  

If you're a Republican, you probably are proud of your candidate, but, if you're a Democrat, you have to be proud of Joe Biden who pounded the Romney/Ryan ticket at every chance.

Many people have made an issue of Biden's laughing, smiling, snickering, and I think they have some reason to do so.  They obviously don't know Joe Biden because this was Joe Biden, and he was at his best tonight. Ryan was good, but Joe was better.

Hopefully, for President Obama and Vice President Biden, this is what Joementum looks like.


Annette said...

Regarding Joe's laughing and smiling in the face of what Ryan was saying, I think he was being honest and letting us all get a sense of what he was thinking. It also might have been his way of reacting without interrupting Ryan too much. We saw a real person showing emotion - not a puppet with a smirk on his face.

Anonymous said...

Jon, The Vice President was rude last night.

No class....

Anonymous said...

Last night was noting more than a high school pep rally for the parties...

Joe was Joe,,Brilliant and Rude as hell. Joe looked like nursing home escapee on speed. I kept waiting for Joe to pee his pants he got so excited.

Ryan, looked and acted like a VP.

I want my elected officials acting like adults, not 5th graders that haven't had their daily dose of Adderal.