Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney Wins First Debate

Governor Romney Wins First Debate
I didn't expect last night's debate to change much.  I might have been wrong.

Mitt Romney won the first Presidential Debate of the 2012 campaign.  Romney was more aggressive.  He was more focused, and he had a better performance.

For President Barack Obama, he has a bunch of questions to answer about his performance before these two tussle again later this month in a town hall format.  Obama at times seemed to be out of focus and just wasn't his sharp self.  He appeared rusty, and he really didn't seem like he was ready to go.

Romney utilized a weak and ineffective moderator in Jim Lehrer to pretty much run and control the pace and battlefield of this debate.  Obama played defense.  The only time he really played offense and connected some blows on Romney was on tax policy.  Frankly, Romney really left himself open to some things, but Obama let them pass by.  It was not a sharp performance or one that he will be proud of in the morning.

I don't know if this one moves the needle one way or another, but the two spectrums of political punditry were saying essentially the same thing.  From the right, Fox News was talking about how much of a disparity there was between the performance of Governor Romney and President Obama.  From the left, MSNBC was wondering if the President just didn't show up at this debate for some reason and chastised him for not being more aggressive.

If I were scoring this one as a fight judge, I thought Obama only won a couple of rounds.  I would have to give the win by decision to Romney.  He didn't ideologically knock out the President in this debate, but he definitely got in a some punches.

For the President, this is a wake up call.  He lost the chance to make a good first impression, but he's got the chance to close the deal in the last two debates.  I would expect that Governor Romney would get a bit of a bounce in the polls after this debate, but it's not going to win him the election.

And, for the record, Gary Johnson should have been included in this debate.

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Josh Featherstone said...

You are correct across the board, Jon. Obama whiffed constantly, and appeared distant and disengaged. When he did choose to appear engaged, he looked angry and defeated.

Romney was well-spoken, well-prepared, and looked happy to be there and proud.of his stances.

And, yes, Gary Johnson SHOULD have been included in the debate. Thank you for saying so.