Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aggressive Gregg Pounds Pence in First Debate

Like Mitt Romney, Gregg May Save Best for Last
Last Wednesday, Democrats watched as Mitt Romney revitalized his campaign with a special concoction of lies, statement changes, and aggressiveness.  It worked as he's now a rejuvenated candidate who has hit his stride.

Today, Democrats in Indiana watched as John Gregg's mustache of doom flew into action and defeated Mike Pence and Rupert Boneham in the first Indiana Gubernatorial Debate.  The difference, Gregg didn't have to tell lies and change his positions to be aggressive.  He just hit Mike Pence with the thing he doesn't want to deal with...Pence's own record.

Pence started on a high note by striking, in his opening statement, the kinds of themes that we've seen his campaign ads focus on.  After that, he was thoroughly embarrassed by the more aggressive and alert Gregg. Boneham was at times along for the ride, but he found a few moments in this debate to show that he's not all celebrity.  Rupert has a good heart and, with a little more polish, might have been able to stand more toe-to-toe with Gregg.

Gregg, however, using his wealth of experience as Indiana Speaker of the House absolutely lapped the field in this debate and has nearly won back my vote.  I still want to hear more about how hard he will fight for marriage equality, but this John Gregg was the John Gregg I wanted to see back in July.  This is the John Gregg I saw early on back on the stump.

Pence was up by 13 percentage points in the race for the Governor's Office.  I would think this would tighten the race a bit.  I don't know if it's enough to win for Gregg, but further strong performances in debates as well as a new attitude in his ads could help.  It also appears some outside money is in the state helping out Gregg.  With Bill Clinton also coming to town on Friday in support of him, it should tighten.

I feel like for the first time that we have a race for Governor.  Hopefully, it's not too much too little too late, and I still want to hear Gregg say that, like Boneham, he won't stand for writing discrimination into the Indiana Constitution.  Even if it is inevitable, I want a Governor willing to lay down a few shots and at least help the case for marriage equality in Indiana.


Eric said...

You're absolutely right. What bugs the h-ll out of me is that the local press is not reporting it that way. Romney clobbers Obama and it's: "Romney Wins; Changes Dynamic Of Race". Gregg zaps Pence and it's: "They Exchange Barbs" or "They Lay Out Their Positions". Or Tully: Gregg clearly wins but it will make NO DIFFERENCE in the race. Maddening! Pence was masterful in his opening statement;
smooth, really smooth. But get him off script and he gets that deer in the headlights look. Actor Ronald Reagan was not the brigthest
star in the night sky, but at least he could ad lib. That can't be said for Pretty Boy Pence. If I hear one more thing about his "Roadmap", I'll scream!

Paul K. Ogden said...

Okay, I watched the debate in full and wrote about it on my blog in detail, blow by blow. While Pence wasn't spectacular, I thought John Gregg was horrible. He was completely unfocused, rambled from point to point and seemed desperate at times to get in talkng points. Obama was about a 1000 times better than Gregg was and Obama was considered the loser of his debate.