Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama Strikes Back

It may take a couple of days, but I think we will see that President Barack Obama may have stopped his free fall in last night's debate in New York.  
President Barack Obama

Compared with the first debate, Obama was much more aggressive and forceful with his attacks on Mitt Romney and his defenses were more pointed.  Romney came off, especially early in the debate, as perhaps overly aggressive.  At some points, he directly tangled with the President, and that actually bit him once.

There was a possible "decision point" moment here.  Mitt Romney overplayed his hand there by picking out the wrong quote from the President.  As a result, the President actually ended up with an opportunity to dress Romney down directly for politicizing the events.  It was a very strong moment for President Obama.  The President also stood up and took direct responsibility for the Benghazi security situation. 

At that point, for me, the debate went from being a draw or a slight Obama win to a possible large windfall for the President's electoral hopes.  Of course, all of that remains to be seen.    

The debate honestly wasn't that enlightening.  I thought the Libya moment will  be remembered because it was a direct take Romney behind the woodshed moment.  Other than that, there were minor gaffes.  President Obama kind of fumbled a question from a 2008 supporter asking why he should vote for him in 2012, and Governor Romney apparently thinks that an example where women go home and cook dinner for their families was acceptable.

The two sparred directly over energy policy and oil drilling, and Obama got a chance to get in jabs at the size of Romney's pension and his 47 percent comment.  

Listen, there's no enlightening stuff at this point for a person that's an informed voter.  This one was played for the low-information voter and the undecideds.  Candy Crowley of CNN did an ok job as moderator.  It's a tough job.  She was not as strong in my view as Martha Raddatz was, but she far exceeded Jim Lehrer.

We'll see what those people think over the next few days.

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