Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama Closes Strong in Final Debate

President Obama at Work
The third and final debate of the 2012 Presidential Election season came down to a fight over foreign policy, and President Barack Obama, as expected, dominated.

Governor Mitt Romney, caught at times grasping for answers, attempted at every turn to fight the debate on domestic policy grounds, but it was Obama that once again controlled the conversation and pace of the evening.

It makes Obama's first debate performance so perplexing.  Following that debate, the race has tightened to essentially a tie nationally and in the key swing states.  Obama's final two debate performances were strong, and they have provided him a bump in some polls.

Now we head for the final stretch of the election season.  President Obama and Governor Romney hit a two week sprint to the finish to see which of the two major party candidates will be elected in November.  At this point, I honestly can't tell you.  There may certainly be an event or two that will change things, but it's largely up to the voters now.

Hard to believe we're only two weeks away from Election Day!


Anonymous said...

As a Canadian who just moved to California (and thrust right in the middle of an election). I found the movie 2016: Obama's America to be very thought provoking. What are your thoughts on it?

Jon Easter said...

To be perfectly honest, I have not watched it. I have, however, seen the director in a variety of interviews, and I have not been impressed with him.

At some point, I will probably get around to watching it. I hear it's on demand.