Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Am an Undecided Voter...Sorta

John Gregg-D
Well, it's time that I level with you all.  Despite the name of this blog, I'm feeling a bit undecided about the 2012 gubernatorial election.

Now, I don't think it's full out crisis mode for John Gregg or anything.  He's a good man, and I will probably vote for him on election day.  That said, I kind of feel like voting for Rupert Boneham, too.  I'd say it's a 70-30 feeling still in favor of Gregg, but I'm just not certain yet.

I don't think John Gregg and his campaign folks are sitting in their offices worried about Jon Easter's vote, but I've come to this conclusion based on a number of reasons.  Most of all, it's the recent revelation that Mike Pence plans to ignore gay couples when he talks about promoting marriage in Indiana.

The Associated Press reports that Pence, who has linked family to his economic proposals, doesn't believe that gay couples apparently count as two parent households.  Needless to say, being told you don't count or whatever family you may have someday is somehow less than another family makes you a little mad. It certainly doesn't make you anxious for an Indiana where Mike Pence might be in the Governor's Office and Republicans control the Indiana House and Indiana Senate.  Given the gains in the 2010 elections and the way the districts were withdrawn, this will be a long-lived majority for the GOP in Indiana.  Pence probably has the best chance to stop Pence, but his chance is slim.

To say I'm depressed about the likely reality that Pence will become Governor in January would be dramatic, but I am concerned.  There are certainly reasons to fight for Gregg.  There are probably 99 reasons, but marriage equality ain't one.

Rupert Boneham-L
Vi Simpson is a tireless advocate for the LGBT community, but Gregg himself is not really an advocate at this point.  Recent statements that say he's ready to concede on things like Right to Work and school vouchers because of the GOP having the upper hand in the General Assembly concern me more.  Will he also concede on marriage equality?  It's an important issue to me.

That's why I can't say I'm 100 percent behind John, and it makes Libertarian Rupert Boneham an interesting choice.  Rupert, from the beginning, has been right on marriage equality.  He has said he would work against any constitutional amendment against marriage equality, and he's said so in no uncertain terms.  There's no statement from him saying marriage is between a man and a woman like there was from Gregg a few months ago.

I know many of my friends on the left will probably smack me for this post, but I just have to be honest.  I know where candidates like President Obama, Congressman Carson, State Senator Mark Waterfill, and others on my ballot stand on marriage equality when I cast my vote for them.  Shouldn't I not be a hypocrite and put my vote behind a marriage equality candidate when this is one of my most important issues?  At what point does principle exceed politics?


Josh Featherstone said...

Thank you for being open-minded and realizing that Rupert is a serious option.

Josh Featherstone said...

Thank you for being open-minded and realizing that Rupert is a serious option.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Carlos Mays position is on this issue. If it is the same as Ruperts, will you vote for May? Interesting quandary.

Anonymous said...

Sad you seem to be a one issue voter. I really like Breyers ice cream, but I won't boycott my favorite store because they don't carry my brand.

Jon Easter said...

No, I will not vote for Carlos May. Andre Carson is pro-equality.