Monday, October 15, 2012

Garrison Show Goes on Attack Mode Against Andy Horning

Libertarian Andy Horning
This morning on Garrison on WIBC, in just 30 minutes, I was able to deduce that some Republican insiders are pretty concerned about the candidacy of Andrew Horning possibly harming the chances of the candidate they are stuck with, Richard Mourdock.

Congressman Todd Rokita was Garrison's guest.  I picked up the show during break, and, as they came back, they spent the first five minutes of a segment talking about how insignificant Horning's chances in the election were.  Rokita also attacked Horning saying that he had not seen him out and about anywhere and how he didn't have any campaign signs or anything out.

There's apparently a reason for that, Congressman.  I'm told that not only does Andy have a full time job, but he obviously doesn't have the PAC and financial support of a Todd Rokita or a Richard Mourdock or even, for that matter, a Joe Donnelly.

Later, Rokita got off on a tangent self-pumping his ego as a member of the budget committee saying that, with "apologies" to our troops, he had developed a "thousand yard stare" when it came to new spending.  Go advertise another one of your town halls with official funds and quit comparing yourself to anything other than a first-term Congressman, sir.

Rokita also took a moment to attack Rupert Boneham for having only one yard sign out that he had seen.  Sad, isn't it?

The fact that the Congressman and the local poor imitation of Rush Limbaugh spent time talking about Andrew Horning and trying to tear down his campaign proves that they think Horning is not only a factor, but one that is big enough to talk about on the radio.


Mark W. Rutherford said...

Perhaps the reason he sees few yard signs is that theft of Rupert signs is a problem. I once saw a very well known Republican local politician steal a Libertarian yard sign (in 1998). I chose to do nothing because we were still in a nascent stage with few resources. This is no longer the case - just ask the retired FBI agent working for the Republicans in Pennsylvania. He is now in the middle of serious fraud allegations concerning his activities trying to keep Libertarians off the Pennsylvania ballot (which failed).

Josh Featherstone said...

I've heard Garrison go on a rant about Horning and Libertarians in general a few times lately.

We're obviously making an impact if we're pissing him off.


Great analysis! Garrison doesn't have an original thought. His show preparation is a deep as what Limbaugh said yesterday or this morning's Drudge Report.

Garrison relentlessly dogged Ron Paul's candidacy. Those Ron Paul supporters are so disillusioned with the GOP and unfair blowhards like Garrison, that they are moving to the Libertarian vote in protest.

Maybe if Garrison and others in the GOP treatd RP's campaign as fairly as they treated the other candidates, there would not be this voter repercussion.

Do you think they will get the message that people are fed up with the current state of the GOP?

They treated us like we don't matter. So we left.

Mike Kole said...

That type of attack is a real disappointment to me. Expected of Garrison, of course. The only time he ever mentions Libertarians is when he attacks them. But presence of yard signs? That's a pathetic line of attack.

Mike Kole said...

Very disappointed to learn of this type of attack. Not surprised of it from Garrison. The only time he mentions Libertarians is when he is attacking them in this manner. But lack of yard signs as a line of attack? That's just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Rokita is not a nice fellow at all, I have seen him go off on staff for no reason at al. He is just trying to inflate Garrisions ego..

Garrrisions show has taken a big dive in the ratting as of late,no wonder when perennial looser Carlos May is on his show every other day. Didn't Garrison Pimp Marvin Scott, Carlos is the new Marvin Scott.

Garrision is nothing more than an ego driven wanna be, no local people,al national, he wants to be some body..sad thing is he used to be a good attorney,not any longer..