Wednesday, October 24, 2012

After Tuesday Night, Romney's Backing of Mourdock Makes No Sense

Romney and Mourdock
In the firestorm of backlash against Richard Mourdock, one voice still is endorsing the extremist for U.S. Senate.  That's Mitt Romney.

Romney's ad is still running non-stop on Indiana television screens even after the GOP Presidential nominee distanced himself from Mourdock in a campaign statement.  This makes Mourdock's unfortunate and insensitive comments from the Tuesday night debate a national campaign issue.

The Mourdock story exploded quickly and has even made headlines overseas.  Several moderate voices within the Republican Party such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain both have spoken out against Mourdock's view and asked for him to apologize.  Fellow Tea Partier, Mike Pence, asked for an apology as well.  That prompted right wing radio host, Dana Loesch, to call Pence out as a coward for failing to back Mourdock who, in her words, "said nothing wrong."

Romney doesn't need to back Mourdock at this point.  He doesn't need Republican votes in Indiana, where he's expected to easily carry the state.  Of course, he would like a Senate majority and an ally in the Senate, but that's looking less and less likely now as the Mourdock continues to implode.  It gives voice and a narrative to Romney opponents.  In an election that is razor close in key states where independents and women will be critical, when does Mourdock become a liability?  I'd say it was about 7:47 p.m. on Tuesday night in New Albany.

Looks like Indiana could be a deciding factor in the 2012 Presidential Election, after all.  It won't be the electoral votes he gets that will be the continued story.  Romney needs to pull his support for Mourdock and demand his endorsement ad be pulled.  This just simply can't be helpful to his electoral hopes.

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Eric said...

Romney's stumble and fumble could allow Obama to win INDIANA, if he spent some $$$$ and campaigned here in the final week. Even a couple visits by Biden could do the trick. Self-fulfilling prophecies and a decision based upon stereotyping rather than objective analysis, made a year or so ago in the Chicgo office, will cost Obama/Biden a winnable state: INDIANA. They will struggle to win North Carolina, but Indiana could have been their's for the taking.