Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Voter ID Advocates Mixing Issues with DNC Requirements

The latest outrage nontroversy created by the right and the advocates of voter ID centers around the requirement that DNC attendees show state-issued IDs to gain entry.

Again, voter ID advocates fail to show anything but fear as the reason why they are imposing these rules on the electorate when there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud anywhere in the United States.  We have evidence as to why you need to show ID and match up to the person that enters the convention hall.

The evidence is from the Republicans' own convention.  A Code Pink protester got past security and was catcalling Mitt Romney's big speech from the hall when they were tossed.  There is also a long history of shenanigans when lax security and a large number of people get together, let alone when they are people like the Vice President, the President, the First Lady, Members of Congress, etc.

Evidence shows us that voter ID is not necessary because there's less than one percent voter fraud over the past 12 years in the U.S. in Presidential Election years.  Then again, I wouldn't expect the Republicans and their supporters to understand that.  The mere fear of voter fraud is enough to get 19 states to act.  That's not all.  Republicans are letting their hand show when they talk in public about how voter ID laws will elect Mitt Romney.  Voter ID laws do nothing to clean up voter registration or absentee issues.

One is safety and security.  One is an electoral strategy.  You decide which is which.

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