Monday, September 3, 2012

Senator Portman Subtly Attacks Biden "Family Man" Credentials

Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama
Ohio Senator Rob Portman said this about Paul Ryan, "Paul's a close friend, a great family man, and he's got a reformer's heart. Contrast this to Joe Biden. Vice President Biden has told people out of work to 'just hang in there' — so much for 'hope and change."

Is this a fight we're really about to have?  A fight about whether Joe Biden stands up as a family man to Paul Ryan?  Is this somehow a dig at his family values?

In 1972, Joe Biden's family was nearly wiped out.  His wife and daughter were killed in a car accident, and his sons Beau and Hunter were critically injured.  Biden has commented publicly about contemplating suicide at that time.  After the accident, Biden is famous for commuting by train home to be with his boys EVERY DAY from Washington back to Delaware.

I have no doubt that Paul Ryan is probably a good family man, and Senator Rob Portman might be, too.  Somehow lobbing criticisms that Joe Biden is not is ridiculous.  Joe and his second wife, Dr. Jill Biden, seem nothing but happy.  The two sons that survived that horrible car accident have grown and Dr. Biden and Joe have added a daughter.  When he was in the Senate, Joe still commuted back to Delaware by Amtrak train.

Yes, Vice President Biden is known for a malapropism from time to time.  His comments on the campaign trail are perfectly fair game.

I, however, will stand beside Joe Biden against anyone that would criticize him for the things he's done for his family these years.  Vice President Biden has been tested more than most in this regard, and he has passed this test with flying colors.

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