Friday, September 21, 2012

Ninth District Fight About to Hit Airwaves

Shelli Yoder
Rep. Todd Young
Ninth District Congressman Todd Young has had a fairly quiet two years in Congress thus far.

He’s done what he’s been asked to do by the Republican leadership, and he was rewarded with a redraw of his former swing district to make it pretty safe for a GOP candidate.

Young isn’t taking his new district for granted, though. On Monday, according to an e-mail from his campaign, he will be releasing a new television ad. I'd like to show you the ad, but, instead of doing what most candidates do, Young is actually asking people to make a donation to his campaign to sneak preview the new spot.  Sorry, Mr. Young, I'm not that anxious to see the spot.

While I’m rooting for Shelli Yoder to win in this district, it’s definitely an uphill climb, and, while I disagree with Young and his policies, I have to hand it to him that this is a fairly innovative way to raise some cash that can directly be put back into the campaign.

I’m sure that there will be some individuals that actually take advantage of the “pay to play” new ad promotion from Young, but I wonder how many. Perhaps a better way would have been for Young to say that he had filmed the ad, but it needs support to get it up on the air and keep it there rather than give the date it was supposed to start running.

Regardless of the tactics, this is a fairly innovative way to raise some quick campaign cash from your strongest supporters. Of course, for Young, this would be the Tea Party right of the party.

Young is definitely right about one thing.  In his e-mail, he said that the ad campaign is more expensive this time around.  He's correct.  The new Ninth District runs from just south of Indianapolis all the way to the Ohio River.  It includes two major TV markets, Indianapolis and Louisville.  Yoder will have to continue to raise some money to get ads up on television.  

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