Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Neck-and-Neck Senate Race Has a New Wrinkle

Richard Mourdock
And the hits just keep on coming for Richard Mourdock.

A poll, released yesterday, showed that Joe Donnelly is leading Richard Mourdock by three points, 45-42.  The margin of the internal Donnelly campaign poll is within the margin of error of 3.5 percent.  Other polls show Mourdock with a similar lead or a dead heat.  It's close.  That wasn't the biggest slap in the face to Mourdock this week, though.

Joe Donnelly
Yesterday, as Indy Politics reported before, the Huffington Post and other media outlets reported that Senator Richard Lugar has no plans to campaign for Mourdock this fall.  That could actually help Mourdock with his base.  Lugar is borderline hated by many in the Tea Party crowd who see him as a liberal Republican despite his strong conservative credentials.

Sen. Dick Lugar
It will, however, not help Mourdock's current strategy to reinvent himself as a bipartisan negotiator who can work across the aisle.  If you doubt this is his plan, then look at some of his recent ads.  We've seen the ad with Becky Skillman, and we've laughed through them as she has tried to portray Mourdock as a team player.  We've seen him backtrack off his calls to end Medicare and Social Security.

These developments add intrigue to a campaign that's going to be tight for the next two and half months until Election Day.


IndyDem said...

I saw that Becky Skillman ad and I couldn't believe it. She either has never met Richard Mourdock or she's a big liar. I kinda liked her too. Guess its true. They'll say anything to grease the machine.
Oh well.

IndyDem said...
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