Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Week Revealed Much About 2012 Race

President Obama in the Oval Office

If you needed any confirmation, last week in world events provided a big picture look at not only the current Presidential race but the way these two major party candidates will deal with a major crisis.

First, the race for the White House.  Mitt Romney's desperate statement showed that he thinks he's behind on foreign policy matters, and he's already throwing Hail Marys.  His ridiculously erroneous statement criticizing the sitting President was poorly thought-out and extremely ill-timed.  It drew widespread criticism not only from Democrats but Republicans as well.  Desperation must be setting in on the Romney sidelines.

Mitt Romney
In the crisis management department, Romney also gets low marks.  Instead of a measured response that we got out of the President, you got Mitt Romney with his hair on fire.  I would guess that he would have pulled out the nuclear football and launched a full scale strike on Libya and Egypt.  Ok, that's an exaggeration, but you simply can't, as President Obama pointed out in an interview, "shoot first and aim later" when it comes to diplomacy in the Middle East.

This current situation shows that it's time for leaders.  President Barack Obama is a leader.  Mitt Romney is an opportunist and is only concerned about scoring political points.  The choice for President has never been so clear.

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