Saturday, September 1, 2012

In Memoriam, Joh Padgett

Joh Padgett
You know, there are those people in your life that are characters in a book that you may or may never write.  One person that I knew that fit that description was Joh Padgett.

Joh lost his battle with a myriad of health problems this past week at just the age of 40, but it wasn't because he didn't fight his hardest to win.

Anyone following Joh on Facebook knows that it was a rough and tumble battle with the Grim Reaper, and Joh got in more than a few good shots before he could fight no more.

While my interactions with Joh were largely on Facebook and in the social media realm, I still recall my few meetings with him.  A tireless advocate for the legalization of marijuana, Joh knew how to light up a room with his unique wit and charm.

I initially paid my respects on Facebook to him when I learned of his death.  Today, I went back to see what others were saying.  It's amazing how someone's Facebook site can turn into the best memorial for them.  Post after post of people telling Joh how much he meant to them and how much he brightened their lives.  But, like the Michael Jackson song, Gone Too Soon says, "Here one day, gone one night."

Life is short, my friends, and Joh Padgett's was shorter than it should have been.  That said, it's clear from the many comments from his friends that he LIVED it.

My lessons from Joh include living life with a positive attitude no matter how bad you feel or how much things put you down.  Love and live a cause and use your time here to speak up and not fade into the background, and, whenever you can, brighten someone else's day in whatever way you can.

If you do those things, people will probably remember you as someone they will never forget.

Here's to you Joh!  Gone too soon but never ever forgotten.


Jacob Perry said...

Joh was my best friend for nearly 15 years, and more sensitive and loyal human you will never meet. Joh taught me about unconditional love and how one can laugh, even in the darkest of days.

I loved Joh like he was a brother but am relieved that he finally has the peace that he so desperately sought here on earth.


It was almost this time last year that he was at my home for a fundraiser for Bill Levin. The entire night he always had a circle of people around him.

IndyDem said...

Well said Jon. Joh left many lessons for us all. One in particular "Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something."
Before he was in a wheel chair he'd be out at various protests and rallies for causes he believed in. Then he'd wheel himself around in his chair and a big sign or bull horn. Even on days when he was too sick to leave the house, he'd be at home working on mobilizing the people and getting the word out.
A fighter till the end.

Jesse Berger said...

This is really sad. Joh was a really nice guy.

Unknown said...

So very saddened to hear this. I had no idea. He offered to help me in my LA Congressional campaign in 2007-08 in the 10th reddest district in the country. Rest in peace, Joh.