Monday, September 10, 2012

Dems Hitting "Four Extremes" Hard

Republican Indiana State Senators Pat Miller, Scott Schneider, Brent Waltz, and Mike Young are all being targeted for defeat by the Democrats in November.  That much is clear.  John Barnes, Tim Delaney, Mary Ann Sullivan, and Mark Waterfill are the Democrats that match up head to head with them.

The Indiana Senate Democrat Committee has set up a website at to highlight some of the more extreme views of the four Republicans.  A web ad also explains and highlights the views Dems find questionable.

Pretty much the ad takes the four extremes on over valuing social issues over more economic issues.

The ad is creative, and it shows the Dems are really going hard for these seats.  Can any of the seats be turned blue?  That's a big question we shall get the answer to over the next two months or so.


Paul K. Ogden said...

It's a pretty effective ad if it's confined to playing at Democratic Party functions. Pretty much anywhere else it would flop big time. Of course, at 1 1/2 minutes it's not designed to really run any place but YouTube.

Anonymous said...

I find two things about this video interesting. Neither of them directly relate to the content of the video. 1. One the YouTube channel they are posted on you can't make comments. Is their skin too thin to take what the public has to say? and 2. On the same YouTube channel the video has more dislikes than likes. People are tired of this negative and misleading advertising.

Anonymous said...

I tried to go to that site and my AV software blocked it.