Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Changing Tactics Show Desperation

Scary Harry Reid??
Richard Mourdock is desperate to get elected.  In fact, he's so desperate now that his latest attack on Joe Donnelly is pushing the Tea Party panic button and invoking the name of the Senate Majority Leader.  

On his Facebook page, where I've been banned from posting, Mourdock is saying this:

The math is clear. Harry Reid needs a Joe Donnelly victory to stay in power. 
Partner with me this week to raise $100,000 before the final fundraising deadline on September 30th. We can take back the Senate and kick Harry Reid out of power.
Later, he added:

Harry Reid needs to win Indiana’s Senate seat to stay in power. It’s why Reid’s Super PAC has spent $508,000 on TV ads. 
We need to keep fighting, and I am asking you to partner with my campaign to raise $100,000 by the final fundraising deadline on September 30th.

In bogey man/woman circles, there are only three other people that can draw the ire of the right as much as Harry Reid can:  Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton.  I suppose you can give an honorable mention locally to Andre Carson, but this is a badge of honor now for Joe Donnelly.  Apparently, he's drawn  Harry Reid into the race here in Indiana, and I didn't know he was on the ballot.

The problem is that Mourdock's pushing of this as an issue shows how little he has to go on.  His attempts to paint Blue Dog Democrat Joe Donnelly as a raving lunatic socialist that bows at the altar of Obama just aren't working as the polls are showing this race as a dead heat or swinging towards Donnelly.  He's clearly trying a new attack to try to rally his troops and raise some money.

Lara Beck, a Democratic strategist, was on television this weekend on WRTV-6, and she brought up a great point.  She said that Mourdock's campaign seemed to have a great plan to win the primary, but he didn't have a plan to win the General Election.  Obviously, Donnelly did, and he's running a perfect campaign so far.  She's absolutely correct.

This latest grab for straws is more like a grab for a cork to put in the bottom of his sinking ship.  Mourdock's  got his base.  He needs to find a way to talk to the middle of the road undecided voters.  The folks that have scratched before to elect people like Richard Lugar and Evan Bayh to the Senate all these years.  Problem is; Mourdock doesn't know how to talk to them.  That's fine with me.

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Crossed said...

Here's something scary. A Republican senate will confirm Robert Bork for the Supremem Court.