Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Chance to React, Finally: Michelle Obama's Speech

If Michelle Obama was on the ballot, the election would have ended last night.

In a speech that challenges some of the best convention speeches of all time, Michelle Obama weaved a wonderful tale of love and showed a different side of President Obama in describing their relationship.

It was a speech full of wonderful imagery and amazing rhetoric.  I honestly spent the first few minutes of the speech trying to figure out where she was going.  I was transfixed as she recounted tales from her Chicago upbringing and the early days with the President.

She brought it all home telling us that the man she met over 20 years ago is still the same man that we see in the White House today.

It was a real, wonderful, and amazing speech.

Last night at the DNC was actually full of great speeches.  It had just about everything.  Julian Castro gave a great keynote which had to resonate with many Latino families across the country.  The image of his mother working hard so that he was holding the microphone at the DNC rather than a mop was something I took away.  Castro was also hard on Mitt Romney, but he wasn't over the top.

Other highlights from speeches I saw.  Tammy Duckworth gave a passionate and beautiful speech.  Deval Patrick whipped up the crowd, and Pete O'Malley redeemed himself after a struggle to answer questions on Sunday talk shows.  Cory Booker was strong, and we met Lilly Ledbetter.  Kal Penn made a surprise appearance and Ted Strickland let the red meat fly on Romney.  There were also some ordinary Americans that gave great testimonies.  Last night was the night Democrats embraced the term Obamacare because only in a Republican America would it be bad to have your name associated with the word care.

All-in-all, it was a great night for the Democrats.  I can't wait to see President Clinton's speech in a couple of hours.

I close with two of the poignant video presentations.

First the beautiful piece to introduce the First Lady.

Then a tribute to Ted Kennedy.

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I thought the first lady looked incredible and was very good at reading the teleprompter. Her makeup, hair, and dress were flawless and really suited her.

I'd go so far as to say I've never watched anyone read a teleprompter better (including her husband).

I read today that hers and Barack's first Chicago condo was $277k back in 1993. (Breitbart)

They would have been around 30 years old when they moved into their condo. That's not too shabby for poor folk. A few years later Rezko helped them get that million dollar home.

Didn't Obama attend a prestigious prep school in Hawaii? Real poor kids go to public school.

The speech was moving, but I got the feeling it was kind of fictionalized, like Obama's books. I encourage everyone to fact check the First Lady's facts.