Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Still No Guarantees on Domestic Partnership Ordinance

"Mayor Veto" Greg Ballard
Democrats and Republicans joined together to pass an important domestic partnership benefits proposal last Monday at the City-County Council meeting.  What action Mayor Greg Ballard will take on it is still anyone's guess.

Ballard has been out of town on a his most recent trip to China, according to the Indy Star.  Time for action is starting to run out.  The clock began ticking for Ballard to sign the DP ordinance when it passed.  He has to sign it or veto it within 10 days.  By my count, the clock runs out on Thursday.  Ballard must take action on the proposal or it is considered vetoed.

If he exercises his veto pen on Proposal 213, it gets really interesting.

Five Republicans voted for the proposal:  Mike McQuillen, Will Gooden, Bob Lutz, Ben Hunter, and Jeff Miller.  Fifteen Democrats voted for the proposal, but Jose Evans was out of town.  He would have been the 16th vote.  Therefore, Ballard needs two Republicans to switch their vote on the issue.

I don't believe you'll see Jeff Miller, Bob Lutz, or Benjamin Hunter switch.  Lutz gave a passionate defense of the proposal.  Hunter and Miller both seemed strongly in favor with Hunter co-sponsoring it.  That leaves Gooden and McQuillen.  Will those two stay on board?

I can't see Ballard vetoing this one unless he knows for sure what his caucus might do.  If his veto is overridden, the Mayor will be damaged politically.  That's why I think that the Mayor will count his votes carefully before he takes action.

We should know soon what Ballard will do.  He may have to sign this one to keep some political capital even though he really wants to veto it, deep down.


Anonymous said...

Ballard is going to veto it and let each councilor fend for themselves with voters based upon what they do next.

They already can claim both sides of the issue politically unless they double down by trying to over ride the Mayors veto.

Then they are all in and huge targets from every right wing group in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Jeff MIller is weak and has no back bone. He is afraid to go against his party and he is afraid of what his district will think. He also is afraid if there is a bogie man when he goes to bed. He is afraid if the milk is sour in the morning. He is afraid that it is too cool for his socks and he is afraid that it may be too warm for the shirt he plans to wear. He is afraid that it may rain and he is afraid that it may not rain and he is afraid of being afraid and he is afraid of not being afraid. Jeff Miler is afraid.

Jon Easter said...

That's an awfully big thing to say when you don't leave your name on a blog comment. After all, Jeff Miller ran a campaign for Council and got elected to the body while raising his son on his own because his wife died of cancer.

I'd say he's got some backbone to get through that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he personal life and hurdles have been handled well and he is to be commended for that. Watch him at council meeting. When there is a close vote, he looks like he is going to cry and always has to whine about why he voted the way he did.