Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Republican Lovefest to Begin in Tampa

Former Massachusetts Governor
Mitt Romney
Delegates to the Republican Convention will fill the convention hall in Tampa later today.  

They will hoot and holler and show off some elephant pride.  It's one big traditional dog and pony show for the Grand Ole Party.  Of course, Mitt Romney is the right man for a dog and pony show given his penchant for tying his dog to the roof of his car and dressage horses.  That was a low blow, I know.

Political conventions are simply formalities any more.  There's no surprises or intrigue.  It's a time to feel good about your party or to try to persuade a few of the persuadables over to your side.  In a tight election, it's one time in an election season where a political party can have almost complete control over how its message goes out.

It seems to me that even though President Obama is still in remarkably good shape for reelection that this election could turn one way or another on a dime.  Remember in 2008 when the economy dropped to rock bottom status in late September?  John McCain made a critical error of "suspending his campaign" to go back and deal with the situation.  His grandstanding didn't work.  He ended up having to get back on the trail.  Then, he ended up seeing his opponent pull away.

That, of course, could happen again in 2012 for either candidate.  If the economy improves and things are better over the next two months, things will get better for Obama, but, if things get worse, Romney could pull ahead in some of the battleground states.  He needs to switch Ohio and another state into his column to win.  

I still keep this a 290-248 election right now.  In almost any scenario, Romney needs to win Ohio and turn another state to make this a win for him and the GOP.  

Whatever happens, it's always great theater, and it will be interesting to see how the GOP battles the other news story of this cycle; Hurricane Issac.  Let's hope they take the high road.

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The entire ordeal to make us choose one of the puppets in the fake left vs. right paradigm is both tedious and nauseating to me.

Is it that for you too, Democrats?