Thursday, August 9, 2012

May Hires Englehart Group; Carson Continues Southside Operation

Mitt Romney
and Carlos May
Congressional candidate Carlos May has hired Indianapolis-based campaign consultant firm, The Englehart Group, to help on his campaign.

Previously, Englehart has worked across the aisles on various candidates' campaigns including Bill Levin's and Vop Osili's City-County Council campaigns, Wayne Seybold's Congressional Campaign, and Jim Wallace's Gubernatorial bid among others.  Englehart is known for their sometimes non-traditional approach in campaigns.  This includes filming an ad with a trenchcoat-dressed Levin in Broad Ripple during a driving rainstorm, going flying with Wallace, and putting Seybold on roller skates.

Congressman Carson
in the Oval Office
As for Carson, the Congressman keeps saying this in letters and e-mails to supporters, and his campaign continues to be active in the new territories on the Southside of Indianapolis and is, by his own admission, takin.  Carson has people canvassing and phone banking in Decatur, Perry, and Franklin Townships and has had a number of campaign staffers and volunteers at various events across the three-township area.

Don't forget that this is a new-territory race for Carson.  It is still a Democratic district, but Carson is working very hard against May.  I'm interested to see how this race progresses.


Wilson46201 said...

Englehart had better ask for cash up front from May: Carlos still owes $18,710 from his last failed campaign and reports he had just $4558.96 cash-on-hand by the end of June. On the other hand, the Carson campaign reported $489,501.83 in the bank.

Josh Featherstone said...

Englehart was also hired by the Presidential campaign of Ron Paul, FWIW.

Ben said...

Just looked at the Englehart Website, they do some wild stuff,not sure how it will play in this race though. Cant see May on roller blades

Anonymous said...

Carson is everywhere on the southside. Where does he get that energy? People who did not know him are being impressed. He is doing a lot of listening.

bill levin said...

We will, we will "ROCK YOU!"..... ;) xoxox love you all.... -b