Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just FYI, Karen Pence Teaches in Christian School

Mike Pence uses his wife to push his education policy in a new ad, and it makes sense.  After all, Karen Pence is a teacher.

She is, however, not a public school educator and may or may not be employed here in Indiana.

My research online shows Mrs. Pence is employed by Dominion Christian School in Virginia.  Another website confirms that this is where she makes her salary along with another Christian school.

None of these things are significant in themselves.  To me, teachers in Christian schools probably face many of the same challenges on a daily basis as teachers in public schools.  It could, however, be said that she has a dog in the fight when it comes to vouchers and her hubby's idea for providing more choices for parents.

Again, I'm not attacking Mrs. Pence, but I do think it sheds a little more light on her point of view and the advertisement she's a star in.

I am informed that Mrs. Pence has taught in both public and private schools.  She, however, is not currently a public school teacher.


Greg Purvis said...

Ok, something odd is going on with Pence, and I hate unsolved mysteries. A few days ago in my blog, I questioned where Mike Pence lives, as he has a child enrolled in school in Hamilton County.

However, he is registered to vote in Columbus, Bartholomew County. Now you say his wife works in Virginia.

This sounds more and more like Charlie White claiming he sleeps on his ex-wife's basement sofa.

So where does Mike Pence REALLY live?

varangianguard said...

I'm sure Mrs. Pence worked in the public schools until her husband's political career took off. Of course, that is likely quite some time ago.

guy77money said...

Karen Pence taught Art class at Southport Presbyterian School before Mr. Deeds (opps Mike Pence) went to Washington. Well liked by the kids and the teachers while she was there.

Anonymous said...

Indiana has license records for three teachers named Karen Pence. I f Mike Pence's wife is Karen Batten Pence, she has a life license. Having completed my licensing course work in the mid-'80s, I was aware that the pending bulletin change would allow me to choose the life license or the renewable license. The rationale for the renewable license is to keep educators up-to-date. Those who choose life license have a variety of justifications for their decision, usually the expense or the bother. With the emphasis today on professional development, highly qualified teachers, master teaching, and results, I would ask any teacher with a life license, WHY?

I don't know the quality of Mrs. Pence's teaching. I do know that her appearance in the ad as the woman who has been educating her husband for years offends me as a male and a father. As if there is not already pervasive emasculation of men and fathers in and by the media and contemporary culture, the Pence admakers had to pile on too. What does it say about a candidate when his wife demeans him, just as Ann Romney did at the RNC to Mitt and her own sons, to pander to female voters, especially mothers, and so-called PC males?

There is another sub-text: the over-feminization of our schools. The consequences are many from lack of male models for youth, particularly boys, to de-facto sexism. Putting more men back into the classroom is a nonpartisan/bipartisan issue, considering some elementary schools have no certified positions filled by men, and fewer than a handful in all positions, administrative included. This matter is on the hot list of forward thinking principals who have seen a decline in the leadership qualities of male students at the secondary level.
As a life-long Democrat, I have come to expect Democrats to take up our pressing education problems. Mike Pence says nothing in his ads about improving education that could not land on either party's platform. As we know, everyone is for peace and education. But a proactive John Gregg should look deeper into some of the systemic "check engine" lights that are going unheeded.

Mrs. L said...

Mr. Anonymous (Sept. 6),

I am sorry that your foreFATHERS decided that teaching was one of the FEW occupations suitable for women. We women fought many years of struggles to show that teaching is NOT the only career women are capable of and that men are welcomed to it. However, your sexist forefathers would have no part of their little boys wanting to do a "woman's job." "Over-feminization!" I wonder how that happened? From the choice of women? Look to your fathers and grandfathers.

Women have not "emasculated" men as much as men have oppressed their own kind through pressure to choose "masculine" jobs. Now that women have quietly out-paced men in achieving education/career goals while men were busy telling their boys that they would all be sports stars so they didn't need to study, women must suffer the cries of "Emasculation!" whenever an ad agency/political campaign uses the same tactics that were once used against them. Oh, how the tables have turned and STILL there is no equality! Women would gladly stand for EQUALITY and give up the battle against the sexes. Let our children not be fettered by the sexist expectations of their predecessors.

As for the question of "Why?" concerning the life license: Until 1990, a teacher who taught for 5 years AND earned a master's degree (paid for with a meager teacher's salary) was eligible for a life license. I ask, "Why NOT?" This doesn't mean that we did not attend nor participate in myriad professional development opportunities in the following years. Do you really know a teacher who has NOT sought more knowledge? We simply did not have to remain on the hamster wheel of constant demands and little reward from the state licensing board. Please .... your bitterness is toxic.

The point at hand is whether or not Mike Pence is likely to champion education changes in Indiana which will benefit the state's students. You finally make the point that Mike Pence has not said that he will act to improve education, and we suspect that his wife's teaching experience does not represent the majority of teachers in Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Yes karen pence did teach public school in acton, indiana. She was a teaxher of mine. One of my favorites while growing up.