Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey Man, Wrong Democrat!

From the egg on the face department, a GOP tracker hired to track Joe Donnelly tracked the wrong Democrat.

According to the Star's Mary Beth Schneider, Fishers resident Kurt Holland was hired to follow and tape the actions of Rep. Joe Donnelly by Indiana GOP spokesman Pete Seat.  Instead, he followed my good friend Marion County Superior Court Judge Jose Salinas.

Salinas, who had been at a Democratic picnic, became alarmed, the Star report says, when the same man that was seen taping the Democratic picnic followed him.  Salinas, a criminal court judge, pulled some nifty maneuvers and was able to get the license plate number of the car following him and gave the information to IMPD.

Holland claims that he thought he was following Donnelly and told Schneider that he thinks tracking is "frankly undignified."

Way to go GOP.  Keep embarrassing yourselves.

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