Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gregg Out with Second Ad

John Gregg is catching up quickly in the ad war as he battles Mike Pence and Rupert Boneham for the Governor's Office.

Gregg's second ad again takes a swipe at Mike Pence, but he does it in a good-natured, folksy way that it hardly comes across as an attack.

In the ad, Gregg is sitting at the "Clip 'N Curl" in Sandborn while the ladies of the town (including John's mother) are getting their hair done.  Gregg begins the ad much in the same way as he did the first ad of the campaign with a crack about being "the guy with two first names running for Governor."

Here's the ad in its entirety.

This ad seems to fit well with the first one, and it begins to take the attack to Pence.  I think it will play well.  Even as Gregg is attacking Pence's Congressional record, he's doing it with a smile and a chuckle.  The ad plays to Gregg's strengths.

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Anonymous said...

Jon, I've worked on the opposite side of the sidewalk with you in Decatur on a few election days. As a moderate republican I can tell you this ad is not even close to what I want to see. I can't vote for a govenor that has an image of keeping Indiana a small, one stoplight town. voting for a candidate that thinks the streets of Iraq remind HIM of Indiana does not seem appealing either. John needs substance in his ads not fluff, he is behind the polls against a candidate that I don't want to vote for and a liberal candidate that will only steal his votes. If in his next ads he mentions cutting off his mustache if he gets elected I'll punch the T.V.