Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gregg Goes on Air

Yesterday, I wrote that some were anxious to see John Gregg kick his campaign into high gear.

Yesterday, John Gregg released his first ad.  I know this was a coincidence, but it's still kind of funny to me.

The ad features John and three friends from Sandborn, Indiana, the town from which the former Indiana House Speaker hails.

Here is the ad:

While most of Mike Pence's ads have dealt with feel good messages, this ad is different for Gregg.  It has a positive message and spin except for the backhanded shot early on about roller rinks.  Like most of Pence's ads, the spot has no details of a jobs program or a way to fix some of the problems in our state.  I'm assuming those ads will come later.  This ad is about a story to tell about some Hoosiers.  Pence's ads have largely been about Mike Pence.

As John says, "It may be a small thing," and it is.  I think the ad is successful because of its positive, simple  message.  It's a strong ad and a good beginning for Gregg's air campaign.  I'm just interested to see where he goes from here and just when he gets specific on issues.

Welcome to the race, John Gregg.


kris said...

well, it would have been nice to have a little substance in the commercial as a nice alternative to pence.

substance is especially important when your campaign seems like a joke. i don't know who advises this man, but the whole mustache logo is misguided. it seems like a gimmick.

despite little substance from either gregg or pence, pence has the advantage in my opinion. he has the credentials (although I couldn't disagree with him more on most issues), the name recognition, and he looks like a midwest governor from central casting.

gregg needs to wisen up, and start getting serious. to beat the republicans at their own game, the democrats are going to have stop rolling over, and putting up these candidates who don't stand a chance against their republican counterpart--ellsworth, donnelly, gregg.

Anonymous said...

I just hope the race wasn't over before John's ad began.