Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Donnelly's Latest Ad Continues Strong Campaign

Congressman Joe Donnelly is still scoring all the right points when it comes to political advertising this election season.

His latest ad entitled "Home", and it features Donnelly's wife Jill.  In the ad, Jill Donnelly is talking about things Joe has done while in Congress as Joe is performing tasks like fixing the vehicle, cleaning the gutters, working on the sink, changing the oil, etc.

This certainly underscores Joe's "everyman" appeal.  It's one of his greatest assets, and I'm here to tell you that it's not an act.  Donnelly is about as unpretentious as any national politician I've met not named Carson.

Here's the excellent ad.  Whoever is doing this campaign's ad strategy is on fire!

Contrast this ad with the latest negative offering from Richard Mourdock, and you really get a feel for how different the two candidates are with their likability.

Pretty stark contrast.  Even Donnelly's negative ads have had a light touch.  All I can say is that Donnelly's perfect campaign continues.

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