Monday, August 13, 2012

Ballard Now Officially Asking For More of Your Money

Mayor Greg Ballard
When Greg Ballard backed into the Mayor's Office, he campaigned on a Grover Nordquist-like platform that he could solve all the city's woes and issues without asking for more tax dollars.  He officially now wants more of your money.

You won't find the old ads for the Ballard campaign online anywhere.  Back then before he was Mayor, Ballard said that he could do everything, "Without asking for more of your money."  Part of his new budget proposal to the City-County Council will be to do away with the homestead tax credit.

My friend Pat Andrews over at the Had Enough Indy Blog is far more attuned to the details of city government than I am, but she gives an excellent analysis here of what Ballard's planned cuts might do.  And, in the end, all of this is only temporary.

The Mayor recently gave all of his top advisers big pay raises.  Looks like those stand up in this new budget proposal even though the three percent raises to the police and fire departments will not.  Those will get rolled back.  So, that's another campaign promise broken.  You remember the one, "public safety is job one."

Ballard claims that the raises keep good talent in his office and makes Indianapolis more competitive from an employment standpoint in being able to attract the best and brightest employees.  It's too bad he's still on the fence about the domestic partnership proposal which would do the same thing on a much broader basis.

The first thing that should go if the Mayor is wanting our police officers and firefighters to give up promised raises is all the raises in the Mayor's Office.  They should be rolled back.  The Mayor must start with his own house.  While he points out that the Mayor's budget was in the black, he doesn't realize that we are all in this together.  Shared sacrifice is necessary to get ourselves and our fiscal house in order.  Ballard also has not yet showed any details of note to the City-County Council, per the Indianapolis Star.

If Ballard needs more taxpayer dollars, then fine.  Just be honest.  Rolling back the homestead credit is a tax increase for every property taxpayer in Indianapolis.  The expansion of TIF districts is a property tax increase for every taxpayer in the district.  Come clean about wanting more of our money, Mr. Mayor.  I guess you won't though.

I guess this is, to borrow his campaign slogan, "Leadership at Work".


Had Enough Indy? said...

The Mayor also wants to bloat his office budget from $3.7 million to $5 million. Yes, he should start with his own house.

Ben said...

The sad part is that he is going out of the country on another business trip.So far his trips have brought in 0$. Whats even sadder is that he does not seem to care about the people who got him elected. Im very disappointed,he is not the man I though he was