Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rokita Uses "Official Funds" to Advertise Event on Radio

Congressman Todd Rokita
Todd Rokita, Indiana's 4th District U.S. Congressman, is one of the chief critics in the GOP Congressional Caucus of what he believes to be excessive spending.

In fact, he made news about a year ago for this quote on ABC News' program Frontline:
"I don't know anything more piggish, I don't know anything more un-American than saying, 'Oh, I'm worried about my own little handout, or my own little program, or my own little economy, and we'll kick this can down the road and let some future generation deal with it."

In other words, the Congressman doesn't like your "handouts" like social security and Medicare. He didn't say it, but he didn't have to. If you're taking those, his words not mine, "handouts" then he doesn't really think to highly of you.

Well, maybe it's time for some soul searching for Todd Rokita to evaluate his own practices.  Like many House of Representatives members, Rokita used official funds to buy advertising on at least one Indianapolis radio station to announce a July 4th Congress on Your Corner event in Brownsburg where there would also be a live reading of the Declaration of Independence. Did I mention this an election year?

Again, Rokita is not alone. I've heard Dan Burton advertise similar events as well, but it just struck me as odd that Rokita would utilize taxpayer dollars to advertise the Congress on Your Corner event. Rokita is a frequent guest on WIBC's Garrison program, and there is also any number of free media options for him to get his information to the public.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think at times it is perfectly appropriate to use "official funds" from a Congressional Office, perhaps even for advertising on the radio.  I'm not criticizing that action.  I'm criticizing a guy like Rokita who claims that he's trying to rein in spending, but who will spend money like this (in an election year).  Just doesn't seem to match up to me.

Hey...I'll at least give Rokita credit for showing his face in his district. That's more than his predecessor Steve Buyer did very often.

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