Monday, July 16, 2012


Tonight, on a party-line vote, the City-County Council stood up for hotel workers and voted to pass the Freedom to Work Proposal that is the big first step towards ending blacklisting of hotel workers and opening up other avenues of employment for them within the industry.

As I drove home, I watched this amazing cloud form.  By the time I was home, it was unmistakable to me.  It's the POWER TO THE PEOPLE cloud.

The Mayor, like this cloud, will certainly disappear on the proposal.  He will likely veto it as he's become Mayor Veto these days.  That said, for one night, the power of the people reigned over Indianapolis.  Let's hope the Mayor does not bow to the hotel industry and sides with the workers.

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Traci said...

Has there been any discussion on a public boycott of the hotels that use the staffing service and force their workers to agree to those contracts? I would like to see a list of the hotels who treat their employees with respect, so I don't make the mistake of supporting a hotel that is abusing its staff like Marriott does.