Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pence Running Lazy Campaign

Congressman Mike Pence
Mike Pence has been running ads since just after the Primary, but, even with that money advantage over John Gregg, we really don't know much about what he might do as Governor of Indiana.

As I sat watching Pence's Columbus Flood ad for the 1,312,917th time, I realized that he's just running a puff campaign based on good feelings.  Sure, there are a few pictures of Pence there in the ad, but it's mostly playing on the good feelings of a community coming together and working for the common good to recover from a natural disaster.

Thing is, Mike Pence once said that we couldn't let natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, "break the bank." Makes you wonder if a repeat of that storm that flooded out Columbus occurred again if Pence would have that same attitude.

So far, all we really know is that Pence wants to create another educational path for students based more on career education.  We also know that he wants a moratorium on new business regulation until the current regulations can be reviewed.  Other than that...the health care ruling was like 9/11.  Okay, okay, to be fair, he apologized for that comment.

Mike Pence has no record of anything. He never got anything through Congress and now he's running a campaign without telling us what he will do despite having all the money he can pull in. It's disturbing to me.

At some point, the rubber has to meet the road. Pence will have to be more specific on his plans, and John Gregg and Rupert Boneham will have to be more specific, too. It's time to make the arguments about what the next four years in Indiana will look like.


Anonymous said...

the house depicted as his "childhood home" may have been his home when he was a baby/young boy but was not the house he grew up in later childhood years/high school/college

Anonymous said...

Faith based organizations without a doubt came and helped the entire community during the aftermath and clean up but you should ask what monies were used to rebuild that particular house; it wasn't faith based $$. For him to suggest otherwise is disingenous.